05-30-17 Colorblind

I was sitting on a chair outside of a coffeeshop with Big E yesterday morning. He was sitting on my lap, the sunlight dancing off of his blond hair. He smiled at me as he nibbled on the piece of brownie that I was sharing with him. “Hey buddy, what color shirt am I wearing today?” I asked casually as he chewed. He stared at my shirt for a moment as he moved the brownie around in my mouth. “Tan,” he said.

My shirt was green.

Now that I am paying attention, I am noticing more and more moments like this one. What I used to mistake as mixing up words, really seems to be solidifying into a colorblind diagnosis. This evening I ran a few tests on him that I found online and he had trouble with quite a few of them.  The phrase “Protanopia” kept coming up. Curious about my newfound word, I did some research and learned that it is the most common form of color blindness. Out of curiosity I googled to see if there was a way to turn a photo from the typical color spectrum to one that would represent what a colorblind person might see. And of course, the internet didn’t disappoint! I found a site that would do just that.

So I decided to upload a few pics and take a glimpse into the world of my little man. The website had strict limitations on file size, so I had to scale them down quite a bit. They are pixilated, but you get the point. I made sure to upload photos that I had previously added saturation to so that the colors would be very vibrant. Here are the results…




I do wonder if what he sees is as drastic as the pictures show or not. I am looking forward to learning more the next time I meet with his pediatrician or an eye doctor.

*Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor, I have no previous knowledge about any of this. I’m taking the word of this website that they understand what they are talking about!

2 thoughts on “05-30-17 Colorblind

  1. There are special glasses now that let colorblind people see colors. Some of the videos of people trying them on for the first time are amazing.


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