06-09-17 Paronychia

I learned a new word this evening… paronychia.

That’s a fancy word for ‘fingertip infection’ which is what C was diagnosed with when I took her to the urgent care this evening. We noticed her finger looking pretty bad this morning, though she said it looked like that last night. She said it hurt to touch, and obviously it was very swollen with a pocket of puss. (yuck).

They had to poke it with a needle and drain it, which is just as horrible as it sounds and C cried through the procedure. It was pretty amazing, and rather gross to see how much came out of it. She was also prescribed a week of antibiotics to help clear up the infection.

We certainly get some strange illnesses!


We need to keep a close eye on it to make sure the infection doesn’t spread, so we will keep it clean and keep on top of her meds.

Point Blur_Jun092017_220847

And of course, such bravery earns a secret trip (secret because the boys weren’t with us) to Rita’s while waiting for the prescription to get filled!

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