06-10-17 My middle child

Big E snuck into my room this morning while I had gotten up to go to the bathroom. When I returned he was curled up under the covers, convinced that I wouldn’t be able to see him. I lifted the covers and crawled into bed next to him.

Big E is an early riser. It’s unusual for him to sleep past 6:30, which is great during the week, but a little frustrating during the weekends. This morning my mind was racing and I couldn’t seem to slow it down, so I found some clothes for Big E and myself and we quietly snuck out of the house and went for a walk while the rest of the family was still sleeping.

It’s incredibly rare to get one on one time with any of my children, so it’s always a treat to get a few moments of alone time. This morning was no exception. We took a nice walk to the stinky bridge, did some exercises, and also ran a few ‘obstacle’ courses that Big E made up.

He’s a great kid with a big heart and a beautiful smile. I’m lucky to be his mama. 🙂



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