06-17-17 Lazy Saturdays are the best!


Tim worked late last night. I was fast asleep when he got home and unfortunately the kids woke up at 6:30 this morning, despite it being Saturday. Since Tim has been working crazy hours lately, and has barely had any time off, I wanted to make sure that he got a little extra sleep, but what can one do with three small children on a Saturday morning besides plop them in front of the tv?

The beach. I know, I know, it seems like we practically live there, but they open at dawn and close at dusk, and it doesn’t cost us a dime to go, so the kids pulled on their swimsuits, and scurried for the car. They had to open the gate when we got there, and we had the beach to ourselves for the two hours that we stayed. We finally came home when our rumbling tummies couldn’t put breakfast off any longer!

The rest of our day was pretty lazy. We went out for lunch, took a nap, and then went grocery shopping. All in all, a successful Saturday. 🙂

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