06-18-17 Happy Father’s Day


This is the very first photo of Tim holding C. Such a special moment!

As I type this, my dear husband is out in the parking lot, with a shop vac in hand, cleaning all of the sand out of the van. Our recent trips to the beach have left a layer of sand over everything, and this evening he decided to clean it up. Let me tell you, friends, I married a good man. Our lives aren’t perfect, not even close, but he is a really great father.

Tim was the first one to want to start a family, even when I was still slightly reluctant to the whole idea. When he found out I was pregnant with C, I don’t think I had ever seen him that happy before. From the first moment he held her, he was hooked, and with each child, I have seen him grow as a man and a father. He is right in the trenches of parenthood, without ever complaining. He holds his own with messy diapers and projectile vomiting. The kids know they can count on him to be there and support them, and they never questioned that they are loved. Like I said, he’s a good man… and a great father!

So Happy Father’s Day, Tim! We love you to the moon and back!


A special dance with a special man.

As for my own father, he set the standard high for the type of man I would eventually marry. I have never known anyone with such high integrity and honesty. My father is a man of character, has a wonderful sense of humor, and has always made me feel incredibly safe. He’s my friend and confidante, and I am so grateful to have such a man to call dad.

So thank you, Dad, for everything. For all the sacrifices you made for your family, for the way you provided for us, and worked hard. Thank you for the way you love your grandchildren. We love you so much!


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