07-04-17 Osmo

I had never heard of Osmo before my children received one for Christmas from my sister. I’m embarrassed to say I finally took it out of the box today to see what it was. There wasn’t much information on the packaging, but I got all the pieces out and set it up. Then I went to the website and followed the instructions. It works with our iPad.

I have only set up one of the games so far, The Masterpiece game, but it allows you to look at the screen and simultaneously draw on a piece of paper. The iPad screen displays your photo or image as an outline, and you trace the lines. Because you attach a mirror contraption right to your iPad, it allows what you are drawing to be placed on the screen at the same time, so it really is like tracing, except you are watching the screen, not your hand.

That might be the worst description possible, but maybe you get the idea!

I tried it out on a couple of photos I had on my iPad of the kids and I thought the results were pretty fun.


When the kids got home from their grandparents’ house, I let them have a go at it. Big E lost interest pretty quickly, but C worked on various images that are provided within the app. She seemed to enjoy doing the animal pictures the most.

This thing really is a fun little contraption and I am looking forward to trying out the other games that came along with it!

Oh, and I am very excited that my kids are back home now. It was a long week without them (I had them one day for fireworks), and I missed them so much. Welcome home, my loves!

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