07-05-17 This guy.. 

This guy is as stubborn as he is cute, with a scream that can break glass and a craving for donuts that is matched only by his love of lollipops. If it were up to him, he’d never wear clothes and he would live in the bathtub. He wants to do everything himself, but heaven knows we don’t have time for that. He downs chicken noodle soup, oatmeal, and pasta like we haven’t fed him in weeks and at dinner time he requires both a cup of almond milk and a cup of water. He’s impossible to put to bed, uses his head like a weapon, and refused to climb the stairs if you aren’t holding his hands. He gives kisses when you frown, gets upset if you rearrange furniture, and insists on trying on everyone else’s clothes but his own. He’s two, but claims he’s five and will hear nothing to the contrary. He responds to Goobs and calls himself a toddler, not a baby. He’s my baby, my little handsome man. 

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