07-06-17 The Rock

The kids and I went for a walk this evening at a little fish pond park and the boardwalk near our house. While we were walking around the ponds we found one of those rocks that people have been decorating and leaving in our area. The kids were excited to hold it and quickly started scouring the ground for more as we walked. They didn’t find anymore, but they did rehide the one they had so that someone else could find it. 

We also stopped at the local candy store for some much needed jelly Bean sustenance before heading home for dinner and bedtime. 

About ten minutes after Baby E fell asleep tonight he woke up wimpering for me, so I got him from his bed and we curled up in my bed and both fell fast sleep. When I woke up it was dark outside and he was sleeping peacefully next to me. What a great end to my day! 

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