07-10-17 Things I’ve Learned About Myself…


I’ve had ample opportunity in the past several weeks to spend quite a bit of time by myself. I’m not one to enjoy being completely alone, especially for long periods of time, but it has certainly been an interesting experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself…

  1. If given the opportunity, I will forgo dinner and eat frosted donettes. This is not a good thing. But it’s a think, apparently.
  2. Even though I won’t cook myself dinner, I will cook… for absolutely no one and then put it in the fridge for when someone finally comes home.
  3. I’ll watch and re-watch the same things over and over again. What? I’ve watched this episode of Downton Abby last week? Oh well, I’ll just watch it again.
  4. I find myself sneaking into the kids’ room and staring at their empty beds.
  5. I like to listen to the frogs in the marsh behind my house.
  6. I barricade the front door if I know Tim isn’t coming home. After all, I’d need warning and time to arm myself should I have an intruder. 🙂
  7. I talk to the cat… a lot.
  8. I talk to myself… a lot.
  9. I stay up way too late (probably because I’m cooking for all those invisible guests.)
  10. I have every intention of watching a movie I’ve never seen, but you know…  see #3.

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