07-11-17 The Ramblings of a Lonely Woman

I took no pictures today. Besides my work colleagues, I saw no one. Even the cat has been hiding this evening. So, I really have nothing very interesting to report. Oh, my husband put a desk in the ‘spare’ bedroom. The desk is huge. Massive, really. It takes up most of the room. I’m currently sitting in a glider that’s too short, and lifting my arms up high to the desk to type this. Did I mention the desk is huge? It is.

The report I got said Baby E took a tumble today on a sidewalk and scraped his knee up pretty bad. Apparently he keeps forgetting about it until he tries to stand up from being down on the floor. He puts his knee to the ground and then remembers his injury. Poor kid. 😦

There was a $.03 late fee on my electricity bill this month, which is strange because we pay it automatically. Also, I got a note from my town that I have 72 hours to mow my lawn or I get a fine. My lawn is literally 5′ x 10′. 72 hours is kind of silly, they could at least give me a weekend to get it done. Umm… we work during the week. (Also, I don’t know how to turn on the lawnmower, so there’s that.) My brother in law said he would do it for me. He’s awesome. 🙂

This desk is massive.

If I stretch my arms across it, they go just past the halfway mark. I have short arms, but still.

It’s bedtime now. Goodnight!

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