07-25-17 Overdue

C came home yesterday complaining about a bump on the side of her neck. When I examined it closely it looked like there was a small bug bite. Since it wasn’t itching, I assumed it must have been a spider, or something similar that caused it. She said she was having problems opening her mouth wide, but other than that, she felt fine.

Big E, on the other hand, seemed kind of out of it. He looked incredibly tired and was eager to get to bed.

At 4 in the morning, Big E woke up crying and when I went in he was definitely running a fever. We had a very rough rest of the night, and no one got much more sleep. When it was time to get up, Big E went to his grandma’s house, and since the other two were fine, they went to the sitter’s house.

Tim got off work early today, and when he grabbed the kids, he took them down to the walk in hours at the pediatrician to have Big E looked at, especially since we have vacation coming up. While they were there, I asked him to have them look at C’s bug bite.

I got a text on my way home that the bump on her neck was not in fact a bug bite, but rather both C and E were diagnosed with strep throat. Ugh!! But yay, because as you know, strep is cured with an antibiotic. By evening tomorrow they will no longer be contagious. Now I’m just praying that it steers clear of Baby E.

It’s been a couple of months since we were sick, so I guess we were overdue! 😉

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