07-26-17 Sick Day!

I have to admit, this is the most unconvincing bout of strep I have ever seen. I don’t doubt that is what they have, I’m just amazed at how healthy they are. I stayed home today to take care of what I expected to be one rambunctious toddler and two lethargic, scratchy throated children, but instead I had three wild and happy kids that never once acted sick.

It was a nice day with a visit from a dear friend, rock painting, movie watching, nap taking, and ending with a walk to the stinky bridge. By this evening, they were all very tired. I’m praying they sleep through the night and that Baby E remains untouched by sickness.

We leave for vacation soon and I am starting to get the tell tale signs of the anxiety that accompanies every trip. It usually ramps up at least a week before we leave, and I’ve been feeling it for a few days. I’m trying not to give it weight, as anticipation of something is usually its greatest fuel, and instead filling my thoughts and time with other things. I’m looking forward to being away with my family, to enjoying some quiet respite, and maybe even reading a book! We bought a tent and a few sleeping bags last night so that the kids and Tim can go camping while we are away. The kids tried out their sleeping bags for nap time today, and they begged to sleep in them tonight as well.

Here’s to what I hope will be an uneventful night!

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