07-27-17 The Case of the Clogged Nose

I was minding my own business this afternoon, taking my lunch break, and standing in line at Whole Foods when I got a message from my sitter to give her a call. It would appear that there was something in Baby E’s nose. I promptly called her and she reported that it looked like a small lego was shoved up into one nostril and I should probably come and get him seen. It didn’t seem to be causing any pain unless you touched his nose.

So I cut my day short and headed toward home. Thankfully I finally got ahold of the pediatrician and they were confident they could get it out so I picked him up and headed on down. Baby E spent the entire ride trying to convince me that he was all better and didn’t need to see the doctor, but one look into his nostril betrayed a shiny glimmer, and I assured him we wouldn’t be turning back until it was taken care of.

It was a pretty rough experience for Baby E, because unfortunately it was not a lego. A lego would have been easier, as it has some edges that can be hooked and grappled out, but this was a three dimensional gem crafting sticker that was about a half an inch across. It was smooth, and every time the doctor thought he had it, it would slide further up Baby E’s nose! After quite a bit of trying, and quite a lot of Baby E screaming, the doctor was finally able to retrieve it. He held it up as we all we amazed at the size of this thing. How did he possibly get that up his nose?!? The doctor said we were pretty close to having to go to the ER for them to remove it there, which would have meant putting Baby E under to do it, so I am very thankful that he was able to get it out. Baby E just sat on my lap and whimpered, “I don’t like it, mommy, I don’t like it.” It was very sad.

To make matters worse, even though he was showing zero symptoms, I asked them to run a strep test on him because his older siblings have strep and we are leaving on vacation soon. I was frustrated they had’t tested him the other day at walk in hours, but they agreed today, and sure enough he tested positive. No symptoms, but a positive strep test. I’m so glad they did the test!! We got a prescription and headed out, Baby E still lamenting the procedure. (I’m sure it hurt!)

Out of an abundance of caution, and since my kids’ symptoms were either non existent, or very unusual, I decided to stop and get a strep test done on myself. The nurse at the minute clinic took pity on me and snuck me in between patients, did a quick strep test, which came back negative, and agreed to send one off to the lab as well, but it looks like for now, I’m in the clear.

So now I have three kids on antibiotics, but I’m completely ok with that, because the two oldest are no longer contagious and Baby E will be fine this time tomorrow. Wow, I am grateful for our access to medicines. What a blessing!

We came home and the kids got a much needed early bedtime. Now I’m going to take advantage of that too, and get some sleep!


Our Souvenir


Is this the look of a kid with strep and a large gem shoved up his nose?!?


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