08-09-17 Vacation Mode

Baby E and I are definitely still in vacation mode. With the big kids visiting my parents and Tim still at work, Baby E and I opted to make a trip to the beach. The water was calm and warm, and we only had to dodge one jellyfish. Baby E seemed to especially enjoy sitting in the water with the small waves lapping around him. He would find small stones and toss them out to watch the small splash and ripples that accompanied them. He buried his feet in the sand, and talked to all the ducks he could find, telling me that they were sad that they couldn’t play with him. It was a charming evening with my sweet boy, but when we got home it was late. He fussed a little through dinner and then begged me to put him to bed, to which I obliged.

I’m slowly making it through some of the pictures that I took on vacation. 


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