08-10-17 Beach Night

Baby E and I took advantage of another beautiful evening to enjoy the beach, dividing our time between having our toes in the sand and wading through the water. Baby E likes to lay down in the sand, which inevitably backfires on him as he often gets it in his mouth, hair, and sometimes eyes. This evening I heard him sputtering and spitting, only to look over and see him trying to rid his mouth of sand. He couldn’t get it all out, so I got to hear him crunch on little pieces until they were all gone. Yuck.

The highlight of his beach trips is always playing in the outside showers as we wash off any extra sand. Tonight he got himself drenched from his chest down, so we walked along the pier and boardwalk in an attempt to drip dry him off before putting him in the van.

Big E and Tim came home late this evening, while C has decided to stay with her grandparents for another day or two. So for tonight, it’s just me and my boys. I’m so glad to have Big E home, and even laid with him on the couch for awhile before putting him to bed.


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