08-12-17 The Splinter

I’ve gotten into a bad routine since vacation… I’m staying up way too late in the evenings and it’s definitely catching up to me. And I’m not the only one, the kids have been going to bed later, which is a recipe for disaster. This morning, Baby E put himself down for a THREE hour nap!! Eventually I went in and woke him up, otherwise he might have slept all day. 

I took the boys to the beach today so that Tim could have some quiet to recover. He wasn’t feeling well yesterday. Then we walked around the boardwalk and pier. Big E got a massive splinter in his foot, which was very traumatic for him, but his awesome Uncle Davey came to the rescue and dug it out!

We ended the evening with a family trip to Walmart and then a walk on the pier, watching the storm clouds roll in. By the time we got home, it was monsooning, so the run from the van to the house was very wet! 

He painted his face. 😂

This handsome fellow informed me that I’m his “Pretty Girl” this evening. 😍😍

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