08-19-17 An Early Morning

In exactly one week, we will have a seven year old. It seems almost imaginable that seven years ago, I had already passed my due date and I was eagerly waiting the arrival of our baby. We didn’t know if we were having a girl or a boy, but I was convinced that it was a boy. I was wrong and now seven years later, my sweet girl is growing up quickly along with her little brothers.

When they woke up this morning we snuck out of the house and headed to the beach. C hadn’t been in weeks because she had been visiting my parents. They played in the sand and the water, but the water was much calmer today and they quickly lost interest. We ended our outing with an outdoor shower, which has become the highlight of Baby E’s beach trips.

I like going there in the early mornings because the beach is empty and all the ducks and seagulls are still hanging around, the humidity hasn’t kicked in and thankfully there are no jellyfish.


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