08-30-17 Stinky Feet


At dinner this evening I asked the kids what their favorite Bible stories are. I think I was expecting to hear a few of the usual suspects, ‘Daniel and the Lions Den,’ ‘David and Goliath,’ or ‘Noah’s Ark,’ but I was pleasantly surprised when Big E piped up and said, “The one where Jesus died on the cross!” I asked him what that story was about and he told me it’s the story when Jesus dies for our sins. (I’ll admit, my mommy heart smiled at his answer. )

Then C piped up with, “That’s my favorite one too, but do you want to know what  my other favorite bible story is??”

“Sure!” I responded.

“The one with the stinky feet!!!” she giggled.

I wracked my brain trying to figure out what story she could be referring to and the only thing I landed on was Jesus washing his disciples feet. I thought this was a pretty specific story for a seven year old to latch on to, but maybe they had gone over it recently at church.

“You know, the one where everyone has stinky feet and there’s food falling from the sky…”

Now I understand her. In her storybook bible, when it gets to the story about the Manna from Heaven, I think it talks about the people grumbling and complaining. I guess in the drawing of the Israelites they must have stinky feet! I was so confused!

So yes, my kids love the story about Jesus dying on the cross and the Stinky Feet story.

Not to be outdone by his siblings, Baby E has taken to praying along with us at mealtime and bedtime. His prayer is pretty predictable and absolutely adorable…

“Dear God… (mumble mumble) Jesus!! Amen!!!” He wants to be included every time that we pray and it never gets old. 🙂


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