08-31-17 Thursday Night Rambling

For the third night in a row I am letting the kids sleep in my room- the big kids on the floor and Baby E in bed with me. I’ve barely gotten any sleep with them there, because Baby E moves constantly, but I’m hoping tonight will be different. At least I don’t have to be at work tomorrow. I’m taking the day off because C and E get to meet their teachers. I’ll admit that I think I am more nervous than they are and I can hardly believe that my sweet boy will be starting kindergarten soon. I keep coming across old pictures and videos of him and I am astounded at how quickly time is flying. It seems unfair, really.

I’ve been fighting a headache all evening, but I absolutely loved the distraction of having a dear friend join us for dinner this evening. In the crazy busyness of our lives it is so hard to take the time out and connect with people, but tonight we did just that. I’m grateful for friends like her, our friendship is a deep blessing in my life. 🙂

So this year I am that mom… You know, the one that waited until the very last minute to get all the school supplies, so if you are out and about the county over the next few days, scooping up all the leftover glue sticks and number two pencils, you are going to have some competition! 🙂

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