09-01-17 Meet and Greet

School starts on Tuesday, but today was the meet and greet at the school. Big E’s was at 9 am and C’s was at 2pm. I dropped C and Baby E off at the sitter this morning and we headed to the school. I could tell that Big E was nervous. He held my hand, let me take pictures, and sat on my lap during the introduction. Then he took off with his class. When we finally met up in his classroom, he was sitting at his desk.

It takes Big E a little while to get comfortable in a place and with new people, and I could tell that he definitely felt out of his element. There were a lot of people in the room, and I’m sure that he was overwhelmed. After some time in the classroom, he took a short ride around the parking lot in a school bus. By that time most of the people had left and I decided to take him back to his classroom for one more visit. My hope was that if he had a chance to familiarize himself with the room while there weren’t a lot of people there, then Tuesday wouldn’t seem quite as daunting. My plan seemed to work. When got to his classroom there were only a few people there, so we walked around until he came to the science corner and immersed himself in some of the toys and experiments. Then he found a box of cars. His teacher was in the room the whole time and by the time we left he gave her hug! I let him play on the playground for a little while with a new friend. All in all, I would call it a successful meet and greet!

I dropped him off with the sitter and headed to Walmart to get the dreaded supplies. I filled my cart with gluesticks, number 2 pencils, and composition notebooks. After my school shopping spree, I picked up C and took her to her meet and greet, which was drastically different. Because she is going into the second grade and school is old hat for her, we just had to find her classroom and meet her teacher. It took less than ten minutes. Then we wandered around saying hi to her old teachers before heading to the playground and then to get the boys.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach and at the farmers market. We were all so exhausted when we got home, but we ended our day with netflix and popcorn. Now everyone is camped out on our bedroom floor, excited that Daddy came home tonight! I’m looking forward to the long last weekend of summer with my sweet family!

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