09-03-17 The Drying Mat

Big E is my texture kid… he loves feeling my hair, my earlobes, etc. He loves to cuddle and hug whenever he can.

The other I turned around to see him sifting through the pile of things that had come out of the dryer.

“What’s this?” he said holding up a drying mat.

“It’s a drying mat for when I wash dishes.”

“It’s so soft.” He stood there holding it in his hands, turning it around, completely fascinated by it.

A few hours later, when it was nap time he came into his bedroom with the drying mat tucked under his arm. He crawled into bed and curled up with it. “Is it ok if I sleep with it in my bed during my nap?” Hey, he’s a worried little boy about to start kindergarten in a few days, and if clinging onto a nice, cushy drying mat while he is asleep is comforting to him, then who am I to say no? I smiled and told him that was fine. So, while most kids have stuffed animals or comfort blankets, my kid is sleeping with a drying mat right now.

It’s moments like these that make me love being a parent! 🙂


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