09-04-17 A Letter to my kids…


Dear Big E,

Tomorrow you start kindergarten and I have a confession, I’m pretty nervous. You’ve been doing pretty well holding it together, and in the past 48 hours you actually seemed really excited about starting school. You got to meet your teacher, see your classroom, and ride a bus. Yesterday we met up with one of your new classmates at the park and you guys played for a couple of hours. This evening you marveled at your new school supplies and you got a hair cut. When I went in your room earlier to pick out your school clothes, you were sitting up in bed with your eyes closed. I laid you back down and gave you a kiss. I hope your dreams are happy and you get lots of rest, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a mess most of the night. I felt like this when C started school, but I thought this time it would be easier… It’s not. You’re my boy… my handsome pants, and I can’t believe you are hitting this milestone already! I’m praying you have a good first day and that it cements a love of school in you right off the bat. I’m praying you make friends, and that God calms your nerves and gives you confidence. You are easily the sweetest boy I have ever met and I’m praying your new friends and teachers see that as well. We love you sweet boy, and we are so very, very proud of you!

Love, Mommy


Dear C,

Wow, second grade already?!? Tonight you said you wouldn’t sleep at all because you were so excited about school starting, but I checked on you a few minutes ago and you were sound asleep. I took you for some last minute school supply shopping this afternoon and you talked me into getting you a new backpack and lunch box, (I had planned to reuse your ones from last year), we went to Starbucks to get me coffee, and 7-11 to get you Cheetos. Our quick outing made my day and I enjoyed spending a little extra time with my girl. I know that you are going to do great this year. You have a real love for learning and you soak it all up. You are smart and talented, and have proven yourself to be a good friend and classmate. I pray you will continue to be kind, show compassion to others, and look out for your little brother. I pray your love of Jesus and your family is evident in your life and that you would not be swayed by peer pressure and pettiness. You are my sweet girl, my bug, and we couldn’t be prouder of you. We love you to the moon and back!

Love, Mommy


Baby E,

It’s easy to overlook you when talking about the first day of school because you won’t be going. But the truth is, you are about to experience a huge transition as well. You have never known extended periods of time without your siblings, especially Big E, so I know that it is going to be a shock and you will have to adjust as well. You’ve been begging to ride the bus for the past week, so I know you will be very disappointed when they get on and you don’t. I’m sorry that you are going to be sad and that you might feel like they have left you behind, but I pray that you will enjoy the time you have with your friends at daycare and that your face will light up when you see C and Big E get off the bus each day. You are a dear boy whom we love immensely. It’s all going to be ok, and your day will come soon enough!!

Love, Mommy




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