09-05-17 First Day!

I’m going to claim the First Day of School a complete success for our family! I stayed up super late last night picking out their clothes, packing their lunch boxes, and making sure that everything was in order. When the alarm went off this morning, we hit the ground running. The kids were very excited about school and wasted no time getting dressed and down for breakfast. Baby E kept begging to ride the school bus and go to school, so he had a few meltdowns that he wouldn’t be going.

Once we got the kids outside, we took pictures, and they spent time with their friends until the bus arrived. I expected Big E to be nervous or maybe a bit weepy, but he did amazing! I was so proud of the way he handled the entire morning. When the bus finally arrived, he got on with his sister and shared a seat with her and a neighbor.

Baby E was surprisingly happy to wave goodbye to his siblings and NOT get on the bus, which was a huge relief. Crisis averted! I spent the rest of the day worried they would get on the wrong bus this afternoon, but they did great and arrived at their daycare with no problem. When I picked them up this evening they both shared quite a few stories from their first day. They saw or made friends, enjoyed their classrooms, and liked their teachers. I’m grateful that today was such a success.

I wish this evening had been easier, as we were all tired, hungry, and cranky. I got them to bed a little early in hopes we can stay ahead of the exhaustion just a little bit! I’ve filled out a mountain of paperwork (because the parents get all the homework the first few days!!) and I’m going to straighten up a little. Then I’ll be heading to bed soon myself. Tomorrow morning will be coming way too soon!


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