09-16-17 Princesses and Superheros

I’ve been trying to make a habit of letting Tim sleep in during the weekend, because he tends to work late nights and still has to get up early to get the kids on the bus. So on Saturday mornings I usually get them up and take them to the beach. It gives Tim and hour or two more to sleep, and they get a little early morning exercise. This morning I decided not to take them to our regular beach, as we had been there the night before, but to another one a short distance from our house. They were excited to see a different shoreline, walk out into the water (there’s a pretty good sized sandbar at that one) and play on the fallen trees that dotted the waterfront. They used their imaginations and the branches and trees became horses, dinosaurs, praying mantises, or whatever else they came up with.


And then this evening we were invited to a cookout at the children’s daycare. It was princess and superhero themed, so I got to go with Princess Elena, Batman, and Spiderman. The party was really amazing, with great food, lots of activities, and games for the kids. There was face painting, lots of crafts, a station to make your own cape, and more. Big E ran and ran as he played tag with his friends from daycare and the new friends he met at the party. C hung out with many of the other little girls, also sporting their various princess dresses. And Baby E hung out with me or Tim, but seemed to really enjoy getting his face painted and kicking balls around the yard.

When we got home it was imperative that the kids got baths, and we scrubbed and scrubbed until we got as much of the paint and hair dye out as we could. The water was practically black by the time we were done! Such a mess, but totally worth it as the kids will remember this for a long time to come. 🙂


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