09-29-17 Big, big day!

“Mommy, that was the best birthday party I’ve ever had!” C said as we settled into the car for our drive home. Sure, her birthday was over a month ago, but with the end of summer, and starting up school we hadn’t had a chance to celebrate. We decided to have the party at the local park. We invited family and a few classmates and friends. Big E even invited a couple of his classmates as well. It was a costume party, which worked out well because it was easier to spot the kids that were in our group. C dressed up as Elena of Avalor, Big E was Batman, and Baby E was Spiderman.

I love having birthday parties at the local park. There’s very little set up, very little clean up, and the kids entertain themselves for hours! I had planned a game we never even got to. They ate pizza, had cake, and watched C open her presents, but besides that they were on the playground the entire time. I’m so happy that C had a special day and I wanted to say thank you to everyone that was able to attend. She was a very, very happy girl! 🙂


To make her day even more special, she lost her other top tooth. She has the most adorable gapped tooth smile right now! Happy late birthday to my sweet girl!


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