10-04-17 You pray wrong!

“You pray wrong,” Big E said to me after his teacher said “Amen” in his Sparks class tonight. “You pray with your head down, but God is up there!” he said, pointing to the ceiling. “So you should look up when you pray.”

Big E had a rough time this evening and absolutely refused to stay in the class unless I was there, which was difficult because Baby E refused to stay in his class without me there as well. In the end, I grabbed Baby E and went in Big E’s class and stayed near the back. That didn’t keep Baby E from trying to answer ALL of the questions that the teacher asked. He would shout his answer over all the kids, and while it was usually a word associated with church, it was never a word remotely close to what the teacher was looking for! But my how he tried. “Bible!!!” he kept saying when the teacher asked something about the resurrection. “Bible!!!!”

“God!” he piped up for another questions whose answer was most certainly not God.

I’m hoping the boys settle in soon to their Wednesday night routines. It’s a long day for us, and it is much harder if they put on the brakes. I’m hoping with a little coaxing, Big E will be comfortable going on his own in a few weeks!!

The weather has been beautiful the past few weeks, so last night I took the kids to the beach. It was nice to have the sand between my toes again and watch the kids splash in the water and play with new friends.



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