10-03-17 We need to pray…

As I put the kids to bed this evening I asked them what they wanted to pray for. C said she wanted to pray that Daddy would have a safe drive home. Baby E started rambling about playing on the pirate ship at the beach (he’s two, so I guess that’s ok), but Big E piped up and asked me, “Who’s the girl at church that goes to the doctors a lot?”

He’s talking about our friends’ daughter Abby. I’ve known Abby’s mom since her mother was my first grade teacher (a long, long, long time ago) and I’ve known her dad since we were in high school.

Abby’s been in the hospital recently, and even though we pray for her often, I had not told the kids where she was, so I was surprised when Big E brought her up. He said, “I’m never going to sleep tonight. I’m so sad for Abby. She’s such a cute girl.”

We prayed together and when we were finished Big E asked me, “Why does God let some people be so sick?” Wow, that’s a tough question to answer but it’s an important one that shouldn’t be put off for later. So I sat next to his bed and told him the best answer that I had. I told him that in the almost seven years of Abby’s life she has taught more people about Jesus and His love than anyone in our family has in our entire lives combined.

And that’s the truth. Abby’s a special girl living a special life, and the impact she and her family have had on the kingdom of God is inspiring. And tonight little Abby and her family need some prayers, so let’s come together as a church and a community and lift them up. We are called to bear each others burdens, and insomuch as we can, let’s help bear this one for them.

We love you sweet Abby, Julie, Matt, and Caleb.

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