10-09-17 This sweet boy…

“Which flavor should I get? The red ones or the purple ones?” I asked Big E as we stood in the grocery store staring at the freezer that held the Uncrustables. I know very well that he prefers the purple ones and that his big sister prefers the red ones, but she wasn’t with us so I was curious as to how this was going to turn out.

He stares at them for a minute and turns to me, “Well, I really, really don’t like the red ones. I like the purple ones. So I think that we should get the… (long pause) the red ones.”

“Why should we get the red ones?” I ask him.

“Because those are the ones that C likes best,” he answers.

Guys, this kid amazes me each and every day. I’m constantly shocked by his sweet heart and the way he loves the people in his life. I’m so thankful to be the mom to this amazing guy. As a reward for his selfless act, we bought both kinds, and I also let him get a Hot Wheels car.


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