10-11-17 Don’t Leave Me

I took the kids to church this evening, and with the last few Wednesday nights fresh in my mind, I decided to change my approach to the evening. I got Big E all dressed and ready with his book, but I told him he did not have to go if he didn’t want to. So we signed in, dropped C off in her class and then we walked Baby E over to his class. I decided that tonight I would stay in the class with him in hopes that will help him get more comfortable with being in there, and one day soon I can just leave him for the hour and a half. So I tried to stay out of the way and just observe, but literally every 60-90 seconds for the first 45 minutes, Baby E would turn to me and say “Don’t leave me, mommy!” I assured him that I was sticking around this evening and he finally seemed to settle into his class and have fun.

As we left, the boy took a tumble down the stairs, and when we got home he fell head first into the bathtub. He came out of it all with a bleeding scratch on his face and arms, but otherwise ok- such a clumsy kid.

I think the boys are having a more difficult time adjusting to our new lifestyle. I know they miss their home and their beds, and they have both been a little more anxious than normal. Add to that the fact that Big E is in school now and Baby E feels left out without his siblings around all day. They are having more separation anxiety than I have ever known them to have, and more outbursts than usual. I know they are dealing with some pretty big emotions right now, and they are feeling out of control, so I am trying to be as understanding with them as possible. We talk often about what’s going on and we work through some of their fears and uncertainties.


If you could lift our family up in prayer that we can face our unknown future with confidence, grace, and courage. We trust a God that has gone before us, for in him there are no uncertainties. Thank you.

One thought on “10-11-17 Don’t Leave Me

  1. I join my faith with you as you believe God for your family. I enjoy your blog and it often brings back memories of my own little family and now having families of their own. It also reminds me of how I got to know you many years ago, watching God’s grace in your life all of these years. May you hear God’s voice clearly as He leads you in your life. ~Ephesians 2:10 AMPC version


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