10-12-17 Mixed Emotions


I get annoyingly attached to things- be it a stuffed animal from my childhood, a scribbled drawing from my children, or our lovely townhouse. Today we confirmed a contract for our townhouse with an additional one waiting in the wings if this one falls through. In the past two weeks we have had a great number of showings, multiple offers, and a lot of go between. I know it isn’t a done deal until we go to closing, but it is certainly feeling pretty permanent as I sit here. So now the sadness is sinking in.

Three years ago we started a journey to own our own home, one we thought we’d live in for years and years. And we’ve lived a roller coaster of experiences since we’ve been there. Baby E was only a few weeks old when we went to closing on the house, and it’s the only one he remembers. C and Big E both started school from that house. We’ve spent hours at the stinky bridge, the beach, and in the court playing with the neighbors and cousins. We’ve joined in the community and made friends. Most of this blog has been typed within those walls.

It is also the house where we learned about Hazel and its rooms provided protection as we healed from our loss. It’s the place we hunkered down to ride out the many illnesses that struck our family. It’s where I broke my finger, and it’s where Baby E learned to walk. It’s where Tim was the tickle monster that hid in the closets before bedtime. It’s seen a lot of laughter and a great deal of tears.

And guys, deep in my bones I’m going to miss it. I know I’ve been vague about our future on this blog, but honestly our future is vague. We are feeling our way through uncharted territory, but we are also incredibly confident that God is working a plan in our lives, our marriage, and our family. In the months to come, that will come into focus, but until it does we trust and we wait, no matter how far from our comfort zones we wander.

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