10-16-17 The Frying Pan Incident

Big E hit Baby E in the face with a frying pan tonight.

Yup. You read that correctly. Smack on the face, the left eye actually. By divine intervention, he missed the actual eyeball, but he landed it squarely on his eyebrow.

Mind you, I wasn’t in the room when this happened, but the story I was able to piece together was that Big E was spinning in the living room with the frying pan in hand and whack got his brother.

I don’t normally let my children spin unattended with heavy kitchen implements, but we had just shortly arrived back to the town house and I had been unloading things from the van and putting groceries away. I guess Big E was helping me by bringing me the pan. Hmm…

Well, we are back in the townhouse for a few weeks while we pack everything up and get ready for closing. I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed in my own house for a little while. Not sure how long it will be until we settle down, so I’m trying to absorb this all while I can.


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