10-17-17 Happening Fast

Closing on our townhouse is scheduled for one month from today. I’m completely blown away at how quickly this process has been happening and I am constantly swinging between excitement and sadness. I’m getting more boxes tomorrow and some intense packing should be starting soon. We got a lot of things out when we cleaned up to put it on the market, but I need to start packing away the closets, cabinets, and attic space. It seems kind of daunting at the moment.

This evening I took the kids, yup you guessed it, to the beach. The weather was cool, but not uncomfortable, and the colder days are soon upon us so we are spending as much time outside as possible. And even though I expressly told the kids they were not allowed near the water, I turned around to find Baby E standing ankle deep in the lapping waves with a goofy grin on his face. The joke was on him though because two minutes later he said he was very cold and we headed home.

Speaking of Baby E, he woke up this morning with his eyelid swollen and purple. It took him a little while to be able to open both eyes equally, but he didn’t complain about it hurting. By this evening the swelling was down considerably and the purple is already starting to fade.


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