10-23-17 The time I freaked myself out…

I was sitting in church yesterday morning with Tim and C. We had just finished singing a praise song and we were sitting down in our chairs when I glanced over at C as she sat. That’s when I noticed there was something in her hair. Stuck near her scalp and caught in her hair were small white specks. Not one or two, but a large amount of them, centered in one area of her head. I’ll be honest, friends, the room got warm and I got an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. No, no, no. I stared in horror, “please Lord, don’t let this be lice.”

Everything I read about lice was that if you blew or wiped at the eggs, they wouldn’t wipe away easily as they are attached to the strands of hair. So, I blew on her scalp and when nothing moved I started to brush my hand over the top of her head. Nothing. Oh no.

With my anxiety creeping up, I grabbed her hand and headed for the door, but not without asking a friend to come with us. When we got into the foyer, I asked my friend to look at her scalp and see if she could tell if we were dealing with lice. After examining her hair very closely, and checking her entire scalp, we came to the conclusion that what we were seeing was not in fact lice.

It was sand…

And given our lifestyle, that should have been my first guess!!


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