10-24-17 Things I’ve learned…

A year ago I did not know the storm that was brewing on my horizon.

I had no idea that in a matter of days I would be in the hospital losing the baby we so desperately wanted.

I didn’t know how drastically my life was about to change and that there would be no going back.

And yet, this year has taught me so much…

  1. Pregnancy is painful to watch from a distance. And while you are happy for others, that happiness is shadowed with a sadness that goes deep in your bones.

2. Joy and grief can mingle together, but to bear the second without the first would be too heavy a burden to carry.

3. God’s plans are not my own, and my eleventh hour crisis is often his perfectly timed provision.

4. The little moments are so much more important than the big ones. Heroic acts often take the shape of daily victories.

5. It’s ok to ask for help.

6. Our baby mattered. 

7. It’s ok to move on.



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