11-06-17 The Night of the Apples

Traditionally this has been my least favorite day of the year… the first Monday after the time change. The commutes are typically horrendous and by the time we get home it is dark. However… Today was also Baby E’s birthday, so I decided that today was a very good day indeed. When I picked the kids up this afternoon, I took them to a local playground for a little while.

We lost the light pretty quickly, so we headed over to the boardwalk to expend a little more energy. We were checking out the fish ponds when the kids started to complain about being hungry. They asked to go to the candy store, which thankfully was closed. Then they asked for ice cream. No. Well how about an apple? How can I argue with an apple?

There’s a store near the beach that sells farm fresh produce so we went there in search of apples… and man were we not disappointed. They had a bunch of the largest apples I have ever seen in my life. The kids picked out the biggest ones they could find, while I grabbed some cherry tomatoes and salted peanuts. We paid for our food and headed back to the boardwalk and down the long pier.

I suppose the early sunset sent most people inside because we had the pier nearly to ourselves. We walked out to the furthest area, found a place to sit and proceeded to have a picnic of giant apples, cherry tomatoes, and salted peanuts. We sang happy birthday to Baby E and the kids ran around for a little while. It was about 7 by the time we got home. We ended the evening with dinner and bedtime. 🙂


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