11-07-17 Tough Evening

To be honest friends, I’m feeling pretty down tonight. I think it’s a combination of feeling overwhelmed with packing and all that has to be done before we move, and the fact that we are selling our home at the end of next week. It has pretty much turned me into a weepy mess this evening. The thing is, I know we are doing the right thing. We are trusting God to provide and follow through. But the waiting is hard, and the unknown is scary- and that’s where I find myself. I catch myself looking around each room, trying to memorize each detail and replay each memory, and if I’m honest, it’s exhausting.

I hate change. I hate it. And yet, what are we if we never change? We sit in quiet resignation, pretending we are living a full life, but in reality we are squandering our time and wasting away. So change we must and change we will. This is a massive thing for our little family, but I am trusting that God has already gone before us.

I can trust Him because I know Him to be good. 


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