11-09-17 Three More Sleeps

When you were a kid did you ever measure the passage of time in how many sleeps you had until an event? For instance, five more sleeps until Christmas.

Well, we are officially three more sleeps until moving day, which means two full days to get everything packed up and ready. And while I am feeling overwhelmed, I’m also feeling grateful that we are so close to it actually happening. Anticipation of something is always the hardest part- so the sooner we get this done, the better!

On the way home I passed our church and saw that my sister in law’s van was there so I asked her if she was there with her children. She said yes, so we decided to have an impromptu playdate and let the kids run around and expend all their energy. We got McDonalds and they ate, ran, and played while we got the chance to catch up a little bit. The kids enjoyed the unexpected time with their cousins, and we weren’t worried too much about bedtime because they are off school tomorrow.

Tomorrow is filled with parent teacher conferences, and an incredible amount of packing. 🙂


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