11-10-17 Two More Sleeps

Wow, today was a long day. With two parent/teacher conferences in the morning, I wasn’t able to start my packing marathon until about 11am, but I packed nonstop until 4, when I had to leave to get more boxes and pick the kids up from daycare. Now they are in bed, so I am going to try to pack a few more boxes before ending the night with a much earned bath and Netflix! Tomorrow morning I go to the storage place to pay for our unit and then we can start moving some boxes and small furniture. Tim has some work to do in the crawl space and we need to empty the attic. All in all though, we are in a good place. The buyers have asked to move closing to either Wednesday or Thursday, instead of Friday.

I made sure to let the kids play for awhile this evening after dinner, and we cuddled in their beds (which are now just mattresses on the floor) I know their lives are going to be rearranged soon, and I really want the last few hours in our home to be happy ones. God continues to provide in so many ways, and everything has fallen into place for this to happen. 🙂

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. 🙂


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