11-14-17 My Sleeping Sweet Ones

I just got back from an evening at the townhouse. I met with the person I found to repair the oven and that has been taken care of. The HVAC system has been serviced. The plumber came today about the fireplace and will be following up in the morning. I scrubbed bathrooms and the refrigerator while Tim and his dad worked on the insulation under the crawl space. So much work, but we are so close to being done. Three more sleeps, right?!?

When I got back to the house, I found the kids freshly bathed and fast asleep in their beds. I crawled into bed with C and promptly laid my face in a pile of drool (ugh), and after drying my face I just laid there and stared at her.

As parents we always question the choices we make in regards to our children. Are we doing the right thing? What if I mess them up? Will they know we have tried our hardest?

As I laid there staring at my sweet, snoring little girl I was reminded how much I truly love my children. And while I love them with every fiber of my being, their Father in heaven loves them even more. And that knowledge gives me comfort that my dear children will weather these changes just fine.


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