11-17-17 It’s Done!

My eyes are sore and puffy tonight.

Today was an incredibly emotional day. After dropping the kids off to their various locations this morning, Tim and I headed to the townhouse to clean out the last few remaining items before heading to the title company. As we were finishing up at the house, the buyers came to do their final walk through. We then all met up again at the title company to sign the papers. I held it together during the signing, but the moment we left the building I broke down.

The rest of the day has honestly been a haze. Tim did an amazing job trying to keep my spirits up all day. We ran a few errands, and we had a nice lunch date together. Both of us are exhausted, so we came back to the house for a nap before picking up the kids.

It’s a strange sensation to no longer have our house, but I’m glad the whole process is no longer hanging over us. I cried a lot today, but I know it will get easier. This weekend I am hoping to spend some time arranging our new living space. Hopefully it will start to feel more home-like soon!

I want to apologize to anyone I have run into in the last 48 hours. I’ve been pretty tired and cranky and not seeing things right. 😦

Tonight I go to bed exhausted, but incredibly grateful that God has continued to provide for our little family. And in the moments I feel sad or frustrated I try to remind myself that I can’t see the big picture, and I don’t need to.


The last picture of Tim and I outside our townhouse. I’m so grateful I get to be on this journey with my best friend!!

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