11-16-17 Almost There

This evening we finished at the townhouse. There are just a couple of things we have to pick up when we drop by in the morning, but it’s been cleaned and emptied.

Honestly, I thought this move would be easier than the last few because for the first time in forever, I wasn’t moving with an infant. But I’m going to say this was probably the hardest one physically for me to do. Tim was working long hours, so most of the packing, and cleaning fell to me, which was fine, just exhausting. It was a lot of lonely hours packing boxes and scrubbing bathrooms, but it’s finally done!

And while I am in a very melancholy mood this evening, I’m pretty sure it’s just fatigue, so I’m going to sleep now, and hopefully everything will seem brighter in the morning.


Last picture in the townhouse! These poor kids didn’t get to bed until nearly 11pm. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be too rough for them!

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