12-04-17 Trains

I picked the kids up this evening and they begged to see some Christmas lights so I decided to drive them through our old town to see them. They enjoyed seeing the huge tree on the boardwalk all lit up. I remembered that the local motorcycle shop did a huge train display so on a whim, we stopped to check it out. Last year was the first time we had ever gone and I knew the kids would like seeing it again.

When we stepped in the door the kids got so excited. The couldn’t contain themselves as they hurried between the viewing stations. The train set has buttons and knobs that the kids can use, so they had a blast seeing what each one did.

Thankfully the store provided dum-dums, otherwise I would have had a much harder time getting them out of there. But with the promise of a lollipop, I got them to the car and home for dinner!


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