12-07-17 Smencil

I’m not sure what a smencil is, but it’s caused a lot of grief in my little family over the past two days. When I picked the kids up from the sitter yesterday, C was excited to show me her new smencil. She said she got it from one of the kids on her bus, but as she dug through her backpack to show it to me, she started to freak out. Apparently it wasn’t there. Since I have no idea what a smencil is, there wasn’t much I could do, but shuffle through the same stuff she had already gone through. I told her we would drive slowly out of the driveway, and we circled the cut de sac, but we never did find it. C was very upset and explained that smencils were something you could buy at school that cost a $1 and she was so upset that she had lost hers.

I happened to have $2 in my purse, so this morning I gave C and Big E each a dollar for a smencil. However when I picked the kids up this morning, Big E couldn’t find his new smencil either, and after digging through his backpacks, we only came up with a few handfuls of crushed goldfish crackers.

C never got to show me hers because she wasn’t feeling well I picked her up and she went to bed when we got home. So, I know these things exist, I know in the past 24 hours we have been in possession of 3 of them, but I have no idea what they are.


PS- I just googled them. They are pencils… that smell. (meanwhile my kids kept explaining them to me as ‘long cylinders.’ Ha!)


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