12-08-17 A Little Snow, Please!

I braced myself for the worst last night when I picked the kids up and C said that she wasn’t feeling well. If you’ve traveled with us for any length of time, you know how much I despise stomach bugs and the thought of being entangled in one made a wave of anxiety flow over me. I had some errands to run, so I knew the kids would be in the car for the next hour at least. I gave C some grocery bags in case she had to throw up, but I worried that our evening would deteriorate quickly.

To my surprise, C and Big E fell asleep within minutes on the road, and got a solid hour nap before waking up. We almost got back to the house when C couldn’t hold out any longer and threw up in her bag. When we got home she went straight to bed. After dinner, I settled the boys into bed and Big E started to complain about his stomach. Uh oh.

We have a couple of twin mattresses propped up against one of the walls in our basement palace, so I put them on the ground to sleep nearer to the kids. When I finally laid down myself, I got hit with a massive pain in my abdomen and an overwhelming nauseous feeling. It lasted for about an hour and half and it was gone. Except for the nasty diaper Baby E gave me this morning, everyone felt much better upon waking up, so it definitely wasn’t as bad as I expected.

I stayed home with the kids, and they watched tv while I spent my time cleaning and rearranging some of our packed things. I still have a lot of work to get done, but I’m making progress.

Tim stayed out at his work last night, and with the prediction of a lot of snow over the next 18 hours, we decided he should stay out there again tonight since he was slated to work on Saturday anyways. I was thinking last night, as we were navigating our stomach bug, that while I never saw my in-laws, it was so nice to know that we weren’t in the house alone. One of the things that I hate when Tim works long hours or stays overnight at work, is being in a house by myself. (I know, the kids are there, but it isn’t the same as having another adult with you.) So it’s been really nice to be here, especially on those nights. 🙂

They say it’s supposed to snow a bunch tonight and tomorrow, so I spent a little while this evening digging through one of our storage units to find the kids’ winter boots. My search was successful, but unfortunately only C’s fit, so we will have to figure something out if we get enough snow to play in.

I love snow, so I really hope this storm doesn’t disappoint!


This is Baby E’s Aunt Julie hair. He likes to wear it around. It looks ridiculous. Ha ha!


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