12-09-17 Snow Day

I felt a twinge of disappointment this morning when I woke up and there was absolutely no snow on the ground. There wasn’t even anything falling from the skies. The kids were even more downcast because they had worked themselves up for some snowy magic. As the morning wore on, snow started to casually fall from the sky and eventually it was legitimately snowing. The kids begged to go outside, but the first time I sent them out, there wasn’t much accumulation. That didn’t stop them from eating all the snow they could find, or dragging each other in the sled across the grass. They came in with cold fingers and cheeks, and I told them we would try again later.

Thankfully after nap time, there was at least an inch on the ground (I know, I know, that isn’t much, but for my kids it was a winter wonderland.) They got all suited up again and we all went out. I dragged them down hills on the sled. It didn’t take long for C to lose interest so she headed inside, but the boys and I explored some more. And when Baby E abandoned us, Big E still asked to play outside. So he and I built a couple of tiny snowmen and put them on the front porch for the grandparents to enjoy.

When we came in, I made hot cocoa for three very happy children.

Today was really a beautiful day. I enjoyed spending time with my little ones and I loved seeing their smiles. There is something magical about snow, and I’m pretty sure it gets me every time. 🙂


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