12-10-17 A Very Special Thank You

Thank  you!

Thank you to my in-laws for opening their home to our little family. We commandeered a good portion of their house, we hijacked their washer and dryer, we elbow each other over the stove, and our children wander up into their area multiple times a day to see their grandparents. Living with my in-laws is such a blessing and I absolutely adore watching my children interact with them. They chase grandpa around the house and he chases them in return. They beg grandma for cookies, and bring her presents of crafts they have made. The first thing out of Baby E’s mouth each morning is, “Where’s grandma?” This transition could have been disastrous for the kids, but instead it has been an adventure. And for that I am truly grateful. 🙂

We are three weeks out from the sale of our townhouse, and the children have adjusted very well. Baby E asks about the townhouse the most and wonders when we will be moving back in, but I explain to him that we live with grandma and grandpa now. He pouts for a moment and then goes back to playing. The one time I drove by the townhouse with the kids, C started to cry, so I haven’t done it again. But overall my kids have been troopers and I count myself blessed that they are handling it so well. 🙂


C showed up today at church in the same dress as her cousin. If she had been any age over 13, this might have been a mortifying experience, but when you are seven and one of your favorite people in the whole world is wearing the same dress as you, it’s one of the most awesome things to ever happen to you. I love these girls and how sweet they are with each other. Such a beautiful pair!


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