12-28-17 The Creepy

We spent our day running errands with my mother. Tim was working, so it was me, the kids, and my sister. My mom made a stop at a bank and we noticed that we were close to a local thrift store, so we decided to check it out. The kids asked if they could get something and I told them I would think about it, because the last thing we need in our house is more junk. We looked at the books, saw some bicycles, and made our way to the toy aisle. I checked the prices on the basic toys (ie- cars, dolls, etc) and nothing was over about $3 so I told them they could each get one small toy.

Big E stared at the shelves of toys in wonder, his eyes darting from toy to toy. In the end, he chose a bright orange machine gun that made silly shooting noises. C narrowed it down to a Bop-It game and a princess wand, but in the end she opted for the game (smart girl.) Baby E had the hardest time choosing, because naturally he wanted everything. He tried out the princess wand, a microphone, a mini drum set, a piano, and… a troll doll. Yup, an ugly, old, yellow haired troll doll. “That creepy troll?!?” I asked him. “Yes, I want the creepy troll!!” he responded with excitement. He held it up high in the air and watched the troll’s hair dance in the slight breeze. It was like he was looking at a precious treasure. And so he clutched his creepy troll and we made our way to the front of the store to purchase their finds.

And since that moment, he and the creepy troll have been inseparable. He says it looks like Moana (it does not look like Moana.) He says it looks like Aunt Julie (it really, really doesn’t look like Aunt Julie) but it is his new prized possession. It looks like it used to talk at one point in time, but we were at least spared that torture as the battery must have died long ago. He also laughs that you can see its booty.

Anyway, at some point during the day, Baby E resorted to calling this troll “The Creepy,” and now that is the official name. This evening he even asked to sleep with The Creepy, so at this very moment he is curled up in the other room with it- just Baby E and The Creepy.

So join me in welcoming our new addition, “The Creepy.” May his reign be swift and quickly forgotten! Ha!


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