12-29-17 A Very Big Day

Many of you have journeyed the past year with us, joining us for our victories and praying us through our challenges. Just over a year ago, we lost our pregnancy and our lives went into a mini tailspin. Even before the loss of Hazel, we had felt the ground shifting beneath our feet, but we weren’t quite sure what it meant. We prayed. We sought council. We started on a path we felt made the most sense for our family. And while our plans have been intentionally vague here, the gears have been in motion behind the scenes. Today, one of the largest pieces fell into place.

We bought a house.

Months ago we decided that pulling our resources with my family made sense, so we decided to go in on a house together. The house would put us significantly closer to Tim’s work, and cut down his drive more than an hour each way.

This afternoon we spent hours at a title company filling out all the necessary paperwork before being handed the keys. The kids did amazing sitting in the corner playing on iPads while the adults did all of the boring stuff.

In the short term/foreseeable future, the buying of the house doesn’t change our lives very much. We will still be living in Tim’s parents’ basement until AT LEAST the end of the school year, but we will be playing it by ear after that. In the meantime, we will be spending a lot of weekends at the new place getting it ready, and Tim will have someplace to stay during the week when his schedule requires it.

After signing, we went to the house and let the kids run around for a bit. They enjoyed investigating every corner and closet and insisted on playing a few rounds of hide and seek. It was so much fun to watch them run around.

I’m the only one awake now and I am definitely wading through a myriad of emotions. I’m excited- so excited. The house is beautiful and it has a yard the kids can play in. But I’m also terrified- because I hate change with a passion and resist it at every turn. But today I leapt in headfirst because chances like this don’t come every day, and in my life I’ve let too many slip away. I don’t know what the future holds- I can guess, I can plan, but I can’t control it. In the end I am trusting God for His provision in every aspect of my life and the lives of my family as we confidently move forward in the months and years to come.

So today I am overwhelmingly grateful for a tangible answer to prayer. I am in awe of the way God has let all the pieces fall into place and I am so thankful for my family to share it with. 🙂




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