01-01-18 The Man in Front of Me

It happened quickly… The man in front of me in the checkout line lost his balance ever so slightly and he leaned into the candy display to catch himself, or so I thought. But then I heard a slight rustle, the distinct sound of a candy wrapper and from the corner of my eye, I saw him move his hand away from his pocket. 

I stared at him as he moved forward in the line. It was his turn and he struck up a conversation with the cashier, a young gentleman with curly hair and lackadaisical movements, whose sole topic was New Year’s Eve and the absence of fireworks in his new town, this town. 

The man in front of me smiled and chatted with him in such a way I began to doubt what I thought I had seen. But as I watched him, I saw his hand reach down to pat his pocket, the way you instinctively look for something you are afraid you might have misplaced- your keys or your wallet perhaps. His fingers, satisfied, moved quickly away. 

I scrutinized him, this man in front of me, as he paid his $70 bill with a smile on his face and contraband in his pocket. Why do it? Why not just pay the $.85 for it? 

I nearly asked him that, and I probably would have had I not been alone. The thought of meeting an angry version of him in the parking lot moments later stayed my tongue. Besides, I hadn’t technically seen it happen, I convinced myself- attempting to distance myself from the responsibility. It’s was just a candy bar after all. 

But I should have said something. I know it now, but I knew it then too, as I watched him gather his groceries and turn for the door, a white candy wrapper sticking out of his pocket.

 It’s difficult for me to know what you, dear reader, want to read, so why not bring the question to you. A new year, a new perspective. Are there topics that your want to hear more about? More kid stories? Slice of life? Nostalgia? Everything (except my specific job) is fair game, so please leave some feedback. What interests you? Let me know and I’ll keep it in mind as I plan my posts. Than you so much and I’m looking forward to this year together! 

The kids enjoyed some much needed cousin time today. I love that Creepy even joined in. Ha! Tomorrow is going to be a tough transition back, but I’m so thankful I got all this extra time with my savages!

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