01-02-18 A little Less and a Little More

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, mainly because they are typically designed to fail, so I usually avoid them. If I make a promise to drastically change my life I can guarantee that it won’t last more than a few days. 

But as the new year approached I started thinking about gradual steps and small changes I can implement in my life that can be built upon in the months and years to come. The end result was the phrase A little less and a little more.

And that is exactly what I’m aiming for this year – A little less and a little more…

A little less-

Sugar consumption, staying up past my bedtime, jumping to the worst possible conclusion, worry, passive aggressiveness, and eating out.

And A little more-

Bible reading, prayer, communication with my husband, listening to (not just hearing) my kids, reading, and laughing.

There is no benchmark set, no impossible goal to discourage me… Just a little less and a little more of the things that bring our lives balance. 

Filling out their own paperwork.

In the spirit of A little more, this evening I took the kids to the local library where I renewed my long expired library card, and got the two older kids cards of their own. If we plan to do a little more reading, this seems like a good way to do it. The upside is that after the kids played on the computer and then checked out some books, they asked if going to the library could be a more common occurrence, almost like the beach was during the summer. And while I’m not committing to going there daily, we will definitely be visiting a little more!

Getting her card!

Waiting patiently for his card!

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